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Private jets seem to be the only way to fly to Milan

Italy’s draconian measures to stop the spread of the COVID-19 have had the entire territory to pause for at least two weeks. All stores, bars, restaurants and factories must cease their daily operations in order to prevent an even more deadly catastrophe. This includes also the airports and the airlines in Milan and Italy.

It is about to be taken a more restrictive measure: only one airport per region can be fully operational, and this for Milan means the closure of Linate (LIN), the city airport just a few miles from the central Piazza del Duomo.

The airports in Milan had already suffered a lot. At first with the cancellations of the daily connections with North America, both Delta and American Airlines decided for a stop at the end of February. Then companies like Ryanair, WizzAir and Easyjet followed and this caused the closure of Terminal 2 of Malpensa (MXP), the main hub for the Lombardy region.

Getting to Milan then became more and more difficult but apparently there are still some people who are strongly willing to travel to the heart of Northern Italy, which suddenly became known worldwide as the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic.

According to the statistics of our website, more and more poeple are now ending up on our pages when they google “private jets to Milan“. This is a page which usually does not have a large number of visits per month, but in the last week the visualization of its content has rapidly increased to a + 1500%

People are trying to find a way to land in Milan despite the recent new restrictions to a lockdown imposed to fight the COVID-19 after reporting the highest daily increase in deaths of any country in Europe and globally since the beginning of the, recently declared by the WHO, pandemic.

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