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Most popular brands on Instagram

The most popular brands on Instagram.

The top twenty of the most popular brands on Instagram.

Every brand has its own hashtag. Whatever we do or wear we tent to identify our pictures using the official or most popular hashtag of that particular brand. Here is the list of the most popular italian fashion  brands on instagram. 

The list takes into consideration only the most popular hashtags and does not consider the secondary hashtags. For istance to calculate the number of times that #prada has been featured on Instagram we do not considered the hashtags : #pradabag or #pradaheels.


#20 – Zegna with 80.244 users

#19 – Trussardi with 90.136 users

#18 – Blumarine with 116.618 users

#17 – Pucci with 121.951 users

#16 – Marni with 238.042 users

#15 – Missoni with 270.361 users

#14 – Cavalli with 384.979 users

#13 – Dsquared with 687.899 users (we have considered both #dsquared and #dsquared2)

#12 – Moncler with 721.467 users

#11 – Bottega Veneta with 983.108 users

#10 – Dolce & Gabbana with 5.898.735 users

#9 – Armani with 6.303.064 users

#8 – Tods with 8.531. 328 users

#7 – Ferragamo with 11.239.334 users

#6 – Versace with 13.601.559 users

#5 – Miu Miu with 14.077.369 users

#4 – Valentino with 23.227.308 users

And the top 3 of the most popular brands on Instagram is:

#3 – Fendi with 25.994.293 users

#2 – Prada with 32.955.158 users

And the most popular brand on Instagram is:

# 1 – Gucci with 33.291.359 users

The chart highlights how popular brands like Armani or Dolce & Gabbana do not seem to be that popular on Instagram comapared to other brands such as Prada or Fendi. These brands have a worldwide acknowledgement but seem to struggle e little bit more than others.

This chart is the most up to date but if you happen to read this post in a few months things may change a little, maybe by the end of the year 2016 Prada will gain enough users of its hashtag to top the chart!


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