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Thick or thin? What’s your favorite pizza?

A pizza in Milan is always a good choice! When it comes to choosing where to go to have a pizza in Milan there are plenty of options. But before you start checking over the internet where to book a table, you need to make a relevant choice: thick or thin crust?

If you are more into the classic italian pizza, like they do it in Naples, the restaurant “Lievito Madre” would be the perfect match to your thirst of natural ingredients.

Owned and managed by the Sorbillo family, that opened its first restaurant in Naples in 1935, this pizzeria offers the best that the Italian food tradition can offer. The diameter of the pizza here never exceeds the 12/13 inches of diameter. It has a thick crust and the toppings, from the buffalo mozzarella to the fresh tomato sauce, decorate the centre of the oven-baked dough.

If you wish to try something different when it comes to your “pizza in Milan” experience, booking a table at “Pizza Ok” could be an excellent idea!

Among the several locations that this chain has in the city of Milan, the one at the Arco della Pace, could be the ideal one. Having a pizza while staring at the beautiful Italian historical architecture could enhance your milanese experience.

At Pizza Ok, the pizza is very (very!) thin. It is larger than the pizza you might have tried somewhere else, but its consistency is lighter. The menu features more than one hundred different pizzas, from the genuine margherita to the more creative recipes.

A third option for a pizza in Milan could be to try it at Grand’ Italia, a pizzeria in the fancy district of Brera. This restaurant offers a wide range of Italian delicacies and among them there is the “trancio” which literally translates into “slice”. Here they serve pizza in slices, very thick with plenty of mozzarella and tomato sauce on top. They bake a large baking tray of pizza and then you can add on top your favorite ingredients.

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Here the directions to the above stated restaurants:

Lievito Madre – Gino Sorbillo (Duomo Station)

Largo Corsia dei Servi, 11

20122, Milan

Pizza Ok

Piazza Sempione, 8

20154, Milan

Grand’Italia (Moscova Station)

Via Palermo, 5

20121, Milan



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