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A People’s Place: the Tommy Hilfiger’s bar in Milan.

It’s been almost a year now, at least here in Italy, of continuos lockdowns, quarantine and extreme measures that had us all to stay at home and leave behind all of our habits. Including breakfast at the bar. This is something that truly marks the beginning of the day when you go to work, especially here in Italy. A cappuccino or a coffe and a croissant are not just a way to start the day, the rite of breakfast at the bar for Italians is a social phenomenon and we truly missed it. We only had a few days between a lockdown and new government measures, when bars and restaurants were allowed to operate, to go back to our normal habits and just the other day we took advantage of the latest permissions to get our dose of caffeine.

People’s Place by Tommy Hilfiger

The Porta Venezia district offers a lot of dining opportunities. The whole area is characterized by the presence of bars and restaurants which make it particularly attractive. It’s not just about Italian restaurants but rather it is precisely the multicultural scenario that makes it a neighborhood that cannot be missed when you happen to be in Milan and certainly at People’s Place, Tommy Hilfiger’s bar, contributes to the vibrant food scene of the Porta Venezia district.

The bar was recently renovated. It was in July 2020, when the whole pandemic seemed to have gone away and a People’s Place re-opened to the public after an important re-styling which aimed at highlighting the three concepts that animate the Tommy Hifliger’s brand: sustainability, circular economy and inclusiveness.

The bar is named after the very first store opened by Tommy Hilfiger back in 1969 in Elmira, the county seat of Chemung County in New York State. The idea behind of the clothing store was that it needed to be a space dedicated to people of all backgrounds and types, who could gather there and share what the pop culture, which was exploding at the time (in both apparel and arts) was bringing to the world’s attention.

An espresso NOT to go

After months of to-go coffees we had the chance to actually enter a bar and sit at at table to enjoy a full breakfast Italian style. An espresso and a croissant served by a professional barista in the sitting area of this stylish bar just a few steps from the Corso Buenos Aires shopping district.

As soon as you enter the restaurant you notice the attention to detail. From the counter to the coffee machine itself, nothing is left to chance. The brown leather armchairs in the dining room are accompanied by plants surrounding the iron tables. The huge windows allow light to enter from the outside garden and to glimpse the clothes displayed in the windows of the Tommy Hifigers shop right next door.

It is maybe because we have not been in a bar for a while now, but the whole experience, albeit short, was very pleasant. It was also maybe because we felt welcomed by the staff who probably did not see many people approaching the bar and asking for an available table in the recent past but we did enjoyed this short experience in a place that truly is for people.

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