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People we have lost in 2020: from Kobe to Maradona.

The year 2020 will always be remembered as the year of the pandemic . A year that for many of us (including who’s writing) was marked by the loss of friends and family members due to the coronavirus effects on our bodies. Among those who perished there were doctors and nurses, ER volunteers and paramedics, those who haven’t held back in the face of the dangers this bastard virus brought with it.

The life of every single person who died is worth of a front page of each and every magazine and newspaper. A milestone in the publishing industry like the New York Times has dedicated an entire issue to the victims of COVID 19 back in May 2020. Among those who died there were celebrities and notable personalities. With this post we want to remember those who passed away this year who left a relevant legacy to the world of art, entertainment, sport and culture.

Stars we have lost in 2020:

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