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Oscar Winners: where are they now?

Oscar winners: where are they now?

Among the past oscar winners there are some who belong to a new category: the oblivion. Yep! Some of the talented actors who were lucky enough to hear their name during the most important event of the cinema industry well…disappeared. They were not abducted by aliens they just stop to be part of that magic circle. They did not take part in any major film after their win. Some turned to TV or theatre, others were discharged by the industry. Let’s see together what some of the past oscar winners are doing now.

Marlee Matlin

Best actress in a leading role (1987) – Children of a lesser God

Her performace in the movie was just phenomenal but she was not able to replicate that same success on the silver screen. She was probably not offered any major role in the movies but she found her way on TV. She has been nominated twice for the Golden Globes and four times for the Emmy Awards for her work on TV in shows like The L World, West Wing and Seinfield. And she also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Marcia Gay Harden

Best actress in a supporting role (2001) – Pollock

Her breakthrough role was as Mr Pollock’s wife in the eponymous movie. Just a few years after that she played the role of another wife, this time of a troubled Tim Robbins in Mystic River. Eventhough she has shown to the world her many talents in any sort of way (from TV to theatre) it seems that she has been confined the supporting roles.


Best actress in a supporting role (2010) – Precious

An eclectic comedian who for her role as the main character’s mother in the movie Precious won: the Golden Globe, the Oscar, the Indipendent Spirit Award, the Bafta, the SAG Award and the Satellite Award. But after that she did not seem to be around that much. She recently sparked controversy cause of a feud with Netflix. She stated that the network would’t pay her as much as the other performers eventhough she has  a relevant background.

Hillary Swank

Best actress in a leading role (2000)

Best actress in a leading role (2005)

Two-times oscar winner Hillary Swank has had a wonderful career in the early 2000s but than she basically stopped being “Oscarish”. She was in the main cast of a movie  called The Reaping who was not what we would call a major success. After that she truly had an interesting career but it does not feel like the filmography of a girl who has two gilded statues on her nightstand.

Adrien Brody

Best actor in a leading role (2003) – The pianist

He played the main role in the movie The Pianist, a role that launched this actor in the Cinema industry (with the capital C). Before that he was the guy who was paving his way to an Oscar thanks to movies like  Liberty Heights and Bread and Roses. After his role as the jewish pianist he had some interesting parts in major films like King Kong but, again, it seems that he was not able to keep up with other stars who can boast an Oscar.

Jean Dujardin

Best actor in a leading role (2012) – The artist

We do not know who this guy is.

This are jsut some of the past oscar winners and we wish to all them the best for their future career in Hollywood!

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