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Why NOT to buy Instagram followers

Last updated on March 28, 2017

Every now and then we read in the papers how rich some web celebrities have become thanks to their Istagram or youtube accounts.

Some guy posts a video on the Google’s videosharing platform and all of a sudden becomes a celebrity. A young and good-looking girl gets thousands of comments to a picture of her in a bikini. This is when companies start to get interested in you and your precious profile. These followers are a potential client base for them and the only way to get to those people is to use those accounts.

This is the reason why the more followers you have the more money you can get. Well, this was actually true till a few years ago when the only criteria to appraise the potential of a profile was the number of followers. This is not true anymore and this is the main reason why you should not buy any of your Instagram followers.

Fake friends do not interact with your profile. fake followers do not write any comments or double-tap on your pictures. The only criteria that is currently used to verify if you are an influencer or not is the percentage of people that actually interact with you.

If you have a million followers but only ten of them liked your pictures, you are not an influencer. If you have a thousand followers and nine hundred of them have shared, liked and commented your posts: you are a relevant trendsetter.

Instead of spending money in trying to get thousands of followers, try to spend time in engaging your audience.

Here ther are a few rules to increase the number of followers of your profile:

  1. Post at least 8/10 pictures a day (with a two-hours break between each post)
  2. Create a personal hashtag
  3. Try to cover different topics that are usually more popular on Instagram (food, design, fashion and architecture)
  4. Post relevant and consistent comments on other people’s pictures (don’t just like the pics, try to say something nice!)
  5. Always reply to those who spend their time in checking your profile and that seem really interested in your work!

Creating a nice and engaged fan base is not easy, it takes time. Make sure to plan in advance what you want to do with your Instagram account and the results will be not long in coming.

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  1. ahsan habib ahsan habib May 13, 2017

    I found that whenever we share Instagram Stories that we see a massive drop in followers. In fact since not using Instagram Stories our numbers have increased dramatically (over 400 new follows in 2 months). Just an observation

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