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New York New York: Italian art in the Big Apple

New York New York is the name given to a new art exhibit which is currently taking place at the Museo del Novecento and at the Gallerie d’Italia museum.

The exhibit, that officially opened on the 13th of April and it is going to last up to the 17th of September, aims at bringing to the visitor’s attention the particular relationships between the Italian artists of the 20th century and city of New York.

The artists who travelled to the United States, who worked in New York, who have imagined through their paintings the urban life of the city of lights were looking for something different from the culture that the old world was offering to them.

New York New York becomes then a collection of artworks that tell the stories of those artists who were on a quest for freedom and that imagined to find what they were looking for in America.

The collection features more than 150 works of art that can be divided into two major sections.

The Museo del Novecento hosts those paintings that represent the intense and controversial relationship with New York. Among the artists featured in this section there is Giorgio de Chirico who moved to New York in 1936 where he had the chance to work for iconic magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazar.

New York New York continues within the halls of the Gallerie d’Italia where the exhibit includes those paintings that have been part of art exhibitions that took place in the United States.

In 1949 the Museum of Modern Art of New York (the MoMa) dedicated an exhibition to the “XX Century Italian Art“. This demonstrates the relevant roles that Italian artists were playing in contemporary art at that time. The exhibit New York New York then pays its tribute to artists like Umberto Boccioni, Giacomo Balla, Carlo Carrà and Giorgio Morandi.

This new art exhibtion represents an important step in the relationship between Milan and New York and will for sure be reason more for New Yorkers to fall in love with Milan.

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