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New openings in Milan: Five Guys Burgers and Starbucks

New openings in Milan! Five Guys Burgers and Starbucks have just opened their doors to the Milanese citizens. We have  already talked about these new openings in our recent posts and now that these two American food retailers have started serving their delicacies it is time to check if the expectations have been respected.

Starbucks in Milan

The founder of Starbucks decided to open the first store after a visit to Milan more than thirty years ago. He liked the way Italians enjoyed coffee. It was not ( and it is not!) just about sipping coffee. A coffee in an Italian bar is a sort of social phenomenon, an experience. This is why the brand new Starbucks in Milan is more than a bar and an espresso machine. It is an immersive experience in the tradition of coffee. The aim of the Seattle-based company was to insist on the social side of buying. Entering in a Starbucks in Milan is not just about ordering something to drink, it is about being part of the history of this brand. No one will ever go to Starbucks to satisfy their desire for coffee, they will go there to satisfy their desire for Starbucks.

Starbucks in Milan is not like the other coffee houses spread all over the world. They call it “Reserve Roastery” and aims at provinding a full coffee experience to its customers, from the bean to the cup.

The first complaint by the Milanese people is all about prices. In Milan an espresso is just € 1.00, at Starbucks is € 1.8 and some associations of consumers have already expressed their concerns. The management at Starbucks knew that their prices would have been much higher than the ones in the Italian regular coffee houses, but given that what they are really selling is not coffee, but the experience, these prices seem to have a justification.

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Five Guys Burgers in Milan

The burger joint born on the outskirts of Washington has just served its first hot meal in Milan. The location is just perfect. Corso Vittorio Emanuele, the shopping district of the city, the place where everyone goes at least once a month.

The menu features the exact same items available in the North American restaurants: form burgers to hot dogs, from fries (both Cajun and Five Guys style) to milkshakes! We do not know yet if the Italians are ready for a bacon milkshake but the fact that this is available in Italy as well says just one thing: this is what Five Guys is and and this is what we want to share with you!


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The new openings of Starbucks and Five Guys follow the one of Apple which opened its first Italian flagship store in Milan at the end of July. We just need to wait for UNIQLO to surprise the Italian consumers very soon!


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