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Italian renaissance meets art at museum Bagatti Valsecchi

The origin of the museum Bagatti Valsecchi dates back to the end of the nineteenth century when the Barons Fausto (Milan, 1843-1914) and Giuseppe (Milan, 1845-1934) Bagatti Valsecchi decided to renovate entirely their family house in the heart of Milan.

The style the two brothers choose to refurbish what is now the museum Bagatti Valsecchi is the Neo-Renaissance style since they wanted to keeep up with what was trendy at that time: historicism. The renovation of the muesum Bagatti Valsecchi was not their only aim. While the Barons were re-designing the building they also put their major efforts in the interior decorations. They were both very fond of art and started collecting works of art of the 15th and 16th centuries.

In 1974 the heir of the Bagatti Valsecchi family founded the foundation which now owns the entire collection of artworks and runs the museum Bagatti Valsecchi, while the building was sold to the Lombardy region government

“with the clause that the historic displays on the first floor were to be preserved “as is” in order to preserve the unbreakable tie between the “container” (the spaces) and the “contained” (the furnishings and art collections), one of the distinctive traits of the Bagatti Valsecchi brothers’ collecting efforts”.

From the Museum Bagatti Valsecchi website.

The museum Bagatti Valsecchi officially opened in 1994 and has been a landmark of Milan ever since. Its exhibition includes oil paintings by Giovanni Bellini and a stunning collection of ceramics, tapestries and musical instruments. Among the precious items of the collection there is also the magnificent stained glass window featuring an image of Saint Stephen the first martyr.

A visit to the museum Bagatti Valsecchi is a must do and don’t miss the chance to sit at the table in the courtyard of the building. The restaurant Il Salumaio offers a wide range of coldcuts and pastas for you to enjoy in the amazing frame of this Milanese palazzo.

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