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Moschino ditches Milan for New York. Is the Italian Fashion Week at risk?

The pandemic has definitely changed the paradigm of fashion weeks the world over. We have already written in the past few months about the decision taken by some of the most relevant industry brand like Gucci and Armani.

It was just too much and too fast. Too many shows to arrange, to many collections to create and actually manufacture. With the whole world being on hold because of the many lockdowns on both sides of the Atlantic, the industry gurus had to think and re-think their attitude towards the changing industry.

For this reason it does not come as a surprise the choice recently made by the iconic brand Moschino to leave the Milanese catwalks in favor of the ones among the busy streets of Manhattan. It wasn’t actually the first time that Jeremy Scott, the creative director of the Milanese brand, opts for a “new city” where to show his last collection.

Moschino flew all the way to Los Angeles for its cruise colletion and more recently was in Brooklyn for the pre-fall collection of 2020, but this is the very first time as an official appointment of the New York Fashion Week.

Certainly this decision has left the operators of the Milan fashion system quite perplexed and in particular the organizers of Milan Fashion Week.

The Moschino brand is an integral part of that history that has made Milan the undisputed fashion capital in the world. Born in 1983 by the will of Franco Moschino (1950 – 1994), the brand has always been characterized by a unique and unmistakable style. Animated by grainy colors and out of the ordinary choices that Jeremy Scott himself will bring back to the catwalks in Milan.

So the question that many are asking is why such a Milanese brand has opted for what is in effect Milan’s competing fashion week? The answer is perhaps to be found in the quality and quantity of the buyers present in Milan or perhaps in the media feedback that the city of New York and the NYFW operators manage to build in those few days of September. In any case, the choice is surprising and this is perhaps what prompted Jeremy Scott to leave Milan.

The important thing is that people talk about it and we, for example, are talking about it.

The Moschino fashion show will take place in New York on Thursday the 9th of September 2021.

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