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The Tempio della Vittoria, a monument for the Milanese people

Last updated on July 2, 2018

The statue of Saint Ambrogio

The Tempio della Vittoria is a monument dedicated to the Milanese who died during the first world war and its construction begun in 1927 on a project by architect Giovanni Muzio with the cooperation of the famous designer and architect Gio Ponti.

Where is it?

The area chosen for the erection of this memorial monument is particularly meaningful. It was the cemeterium ad martyres (the cemetery of the martyrs) to ideally link the stories of the christian martyrs to the victims of the war. It was partially destroyed during the second world war by the allied bombing and its reconstruction was commissioned to Mario Baccini who added a basement where are now engraved the names of ten thousands victims of the Great War.

The Architectural style

The monument is a homage to the architectural style of some of the most important buildings of the city. The white marbles recall the ones used for the Duomo and its octagonal shape has the same sizes of the atrium of the Saint Ambrogio basilica. Above the main entrance there is a huge statue of the saint patron of the city who steps on the seven capital sins. When in this area don not miss the chance to also visit the Saint Ambrogio Basilica and the nearby Palazzo Cova, an astonishing example of neomedieval architecture.

To visit the Tempio della Vittoria catch the green line of the underground services and get off at saint Ambrogio station.

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