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Matcha is the new thing: 3 health benefits of the japanese green tea

Matcha is a unique to Japan green tea. It grows only in the Nipponese islands where has been celebrated for centuries. It is said that the Japanese warriors, the samurais, used to drink it before going to the battle camp due to its energizing and reinvigorating effects.

While the preparation of traditional teas consists of an infusion of the tea leaves, matcha requires a different process.  In order to enjoy a good cup of this japanese tea it is necessary to pulverize the leaves and then add hot water to the matcha powder.

The health benefits of this energizing drink  are various and depend mostly on the fact that drinking this particular tea means ingesting the whole leaf and not just an infusion of it.

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The health benefits of the matcha tea are:

1.Lots of antioxidants

Antioxidants help us in fighting the negative effects of UV radiation and a cup of matcha contains more antioxidants than any other food (like green vegetables).


We all know that drinking a lot of pure water is a powerful tool for detoxification. Well matcha tea enhances the detoxification process of your body.

3.It’s savoury

Drinking a full bowl of this green tea it is a flavoury experience. It is not just a cup of green tea. Its taste is a pleasure to the palate.

More and more often bars are offering this exquisite drink and in Milan one of the best places where to have a good cup of matcha is for sure the bar within the One Block Down store, one of our favourite sneaker’s stores in the city of Milan. They serve it with or without latte, to stay or to go!

p.s.: Don’t forget that the  powder can also be used to give a twist to original recipes for pastries and drinks. Enjoy!






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