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Mammapack: get Italian food at your doorsteps

Last updated on February 5, 2020

Among the many Italian stereotypes there is one that says that the Italians travel with pasta and a bottle of olive oil in their luggage. Well this is actually not entirely false. We do enjoy our food and we tend to look for it where ever we go. This is why if we move abroad, like the emigrants used to do throughout last century, we also pack our delicacies. Now there is a much easier way to get what we like delivered at home. It is called Mammapack and the name says it all.

Mammapack: it’s the Amazon of Italian food.

The idea is very simple and it was developed into a proper company by two Italian guys: Flavio Nappi and Romolo Ganzerli. Their story starts with the purchase of a pack of Italian cookies for € 7 while their were living in Paris, when in Italy those same biscuits cost less than a half of that. In order not to spend that much for Italian food abroad they would have had to pack everything they needed from Italy. But what if there was someone who could do that for them? And here it was, the idea of an Italian food delivery company dedicated to those who live abroad and do not want to travel with more lasagnas then shirts.

The company

Nowadays the company delivers in 20 countries and plans to open to new markets like the US and Canada. Clients seem to be extremely satisfied according to some pictures appearing on the Mammapack official Instagram account.

The future looks bright for these two guys and in 2020 they plan to acquire as clients also non- Italians who appreciate Italian food. There are more than 10.000 different products to choose and if you don’t have enough room in your bag, no worries mamma packs it for you.

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