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Luca the new Pixar movie to be set in Italy

Last updated on August 25, 2020

There is nothing better to celebrate the beauty of a country than a movie that takes the audience to visit its landmarks. And this is what the new Pixar movie which will be released in June 2021 will do for Italy. Luca, this is the name of the latest Pixar creation, will tell the story of a young kid living on a coastal town of the Italian riviera.

Luca: behind the scenes

The creative cast behind these new Pixar animated movie includes Andrea Warren as the producer ( who already worked on Lava and Cars 3) and Italian director Enrico Casarosa.

The Academy Award nominated director has recently said in a statement:

“This is a deeply personal story for me, not only because it’s set on the Italian Riviera where I grew up, but because at the core of this film is a celebration of friendship. Childhood friendships often set the course of who we want to become and it is those bonds that are at the heart of our story in Luca,” said the director of another Pixar short movie named “La Luna (the moon)”.

“So in addition to the beauty and charm of the Italian seaside, our film will feature an unforgettable summer adventure that will fundamentally change Luca”.

We will see how the movie will render the many beauties of the Italian riviera while telling this coming-of-age story of a boy named Luca and his friend who (SPOILER ALERT!) will turn out to be a sort of sea monster.

Pasta, gelato and scooter rides will be the added value of the story and for sure will tease the audience to visit Italy and those places that serve as the main set of the new Pixar tale.

The teaser trailer of Luca, the new Pixar movie

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