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Lady Gaga to play Gucci’s wife in new movie

Lady Gaga is going back to the silver screen but this time she is not going to use her astonishing voice and musical skills. She is to play Patrizia Gucci, the wife turned murder instigator of Maurizio Gucci, the heir of the Florentine brand.

The Gucci’s murder

We have previously written about the murder of Maurizio Gucci and to make a long story short here there are the key steps of the scandal that shook Milan and its high society in the early 90s.

It was the 27th of March 1995 when the body of Maurizio Gucci, the heir of the Gucci empire, was found in the lobby of his new company’s headquarter in Milan. An old building in Via Palestro 20, just a few steps from the fashion district.

After a two-year investigation where the many people under scrutiny, including Mr Gucci’s cousin Paolo Gucci, the police didn’t have a clue of who had the guts to shot dead the Italian fashion mogul and billionaire. Until one night, when the police department received an anonymous phone call. “I know who killed Maurizio. And I know who’s the instigator.”

The following steps of the investigation lead to Ms Patrizia Reggiani, formerly known as Patrizia Gucci. Ex-wife of Maurizio and mother of their two daughters. She had hitman to commit the crime, a killer found by her then friend and confidant Ms Pina Auriemma.

The movie

This is one of those situations where reality exceeds fantasy. A plot for a movie already written and with all those juicy details that will make this movie certainly popular among the mistery ( and fashion) enthusiasts.

The rights for the distribution of the movie, according to the Hollywood Reporter, have been purchased by MGM which will be realising the movie, produced by Scott Free Productions, in November 2021:

“This project has long been a labor of love for both Ridley and me,” says Giannina Scott, who will produce with husband Ridley via the couple’s Scott Free banner. “The story is so epic, the stakes so high and the characters so richly drawn that we were determined to get it to the big screen. To say we are thrilled to be teaming with Mike De Luca and his brilliant film group at MGM is an understatement. We can’t wait to see this come to life next year.”

We just need to wait then who is going to play the other characters Mr Gucci, the killer and above all Ms Pina Auriemma, surely one of those supporting characters that make much of a movie like this.

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