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La Compagnie: how to bring luxury flying closer to middle class

The route Milan-New York has been covered for years by many companies from Emirates to Delta as to highlight the true potential of such an itinerary. The Milanese people love New York and the New Yorkers have always been fond of the savoir vivre of the Italian people.

To demonstrate this a new airline has decided to compete with the most important airline operators that cross the Atlantic every day. At the disposal of travelers who leave Malpensa airport in addition to the aforementioned Delta and Emirates and in addition to ITA Airways, which replaced the now defunct Alitalia, there is a new company or perhaps it is better to say “the company” since the name in French means just that.

La Compagnie is a French airline founded back in 2013 by Frantz Yvelin an entrepreneur and former pilot whose business plan for its company was as bold as possible: he decided to offer only business class seats on all its flights. The first plane left the Charles de Gaulle International Airport on the 21st of July 2014. On board only the best service a business class can offer and in front of the cockpit the New York skyline.

After 8 years from that first flight today La Comagnie has embarked on a new business journey. It is aiming at bringing luxury travel closer to the Italian middle class.

We have all dreamed of flying comfortably seated in one of those fancy beds, we have all longed for one of those nice little bags with all the toiletries in it, we have all took a sneak peak behind the curtains that divide the coach cabin from the high-end travel standards that characterize the business class.

Well today these dreams can actually become true. La Compagnie has brought its business model under the Italian sun and offers daily flight from Milan Malpensa (MXP) to New York Newark (EWR).

Yes it is true that all the other airlines have business class seating and all of that, but the aim of La Compagnie is to keep its fares as low as possible so that everyone can actually enjoy an eight-hour flight. Relaxing on the chairs that turn into beds rather than flying with your knees under the chin kind of gives the idea of what’s the difference between the two travelling experiences.

The prices therefore, while certainly remaining higher than those of a normal economy flight, are still lower than those of the business and first class of other carriers. The aim of the company is therefore to engage travelers who would have chosen an economy seat by offering a luxury experience at a price that, although high, is decidedly more affordable.

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