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Italian cookbooks: the best ones!

Italian cookbooks: the best ones!

If you digit the keyword “Italian cookbooks” on the result of your search will be a long list of almost 11.000 items. Which is too much! You will need to scroll down plenty of pages to find the best ones or at least the ones that most meet your needs. This is why we have created this list of Italian cookbooks that we believe are the best ones in terms of reliability.

  1. Il Cucchiaio d’ Argento (The Silver Spoon)

Il Cucchiaio d’ Argento, the Silver Spoon in its English version, is the ultimate collection of Italian recipes. Since 1950 it has been published in nine different editions. It is entirely developed in Italy and features recipes from the Italian tradition and new ones according to the modern trends and the technological achievements. It is also available in an edition dedicated to children : Il Cucchiaino d’ Argento (The Silver Tea Spoon)


2. Milano in cucina. The flavours of Milan.

On a blog entirely dedicated to the city of Milan we needed to include an Italian cookbook which focuses on the traditional recipes of Milan and its surroundings.  The cookbook “Milano in Cucina” by Massimo Ripani and Willian Dellorusso guides the reader and aspiring chef to the discovery of the traditional Lombard recipes. From risotto with saffron to panettone, the signature Christmas cake.


3. La Cucina: The Regional Cooking of Italy

On the website of the  Italian Academy of Cuisine there is written:

“The Accademia Italiana della Cucina was born – naturally at the dinner table, as is often the case with important things – when a group of friends, united at dinner on the 29th of July of 1953, heard and agreed with the idea which Orio Vergani had long been nurturing: that of founding an academy with the task of safeguarding, together with the traditions of Italian cuisine, the culture of the civilisation of the table, lively and active expression of the entire Nation.”

This is why we have included this recipe book among the best Italian cookbooks.


4. Cresci: the Art of Leavened Dough

This book by Iginio Massari and Achille Zoia contains everything you need to know about baked goods, which are a must in the Italian cooking tradition. Flour and yeast, from bread to focaccia and cakes, are vital ingredients that mixed with water, eggs or milk represent the synthesis of genuine Italian food.


5. Essential of Classic Italian Cooking

This recipe book by Marcella Hazan is a practical guide to Italian cooking. It is the ideal book for those who are starting to learn how to master Italian recipes. Ms Hazan was the very first one who put in writing what cooking (and eating) means for Italians and to present to America the art of cooking food. This book is an old time classic known by chefs the world over and must be included among the best Italian cookbooks.


This is not for sure a comprehensive list of Italian cookbooks but we believe that the recipe books listed above are a good option for those who wish to start learning how to dive into the Italian food culture. Our aim is to provide to our readers a selection of books that are reliable, to avoid buying books that features a fancy cover but use words like parmesan instead of parmigiano (rookie mistake…).

If you wish to start cooking Italian style and you are still waiting for your book to be delivered, here is how to make Spaghetti al pomodoro, the Italians’ favorite.

Enjoy and buon appettito!






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