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Influencers to follow during Milan Fashion Week

Influencers especially in fashion are kind of walking on egg shells lately. The decision of Instagram, tested in Italy and other countries, to permanently delete the number of likes that each pictures gets is jeopardising the whole influencers marketing arena.

The latest trends in the digital marketing world see the professionals of this industry shifting from influencers marketing to content creators marketing.

A well maintained Instagram feed with a serie of picture consistent with a specific topic (not just “Home decor” but maybe “Tableware”) result to be more engaging hence more useful for the client who relies on a content creator.

Anyways some of the most reliable fashion influencers are still in vogue and, wisely enough, they are moving to a more interactive connection with their follower base.

Here is a list of fashion influencers to follow during the Milan Fashion Week 2019

Gilda Ambrosio, Influencer and entrepreneur

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Candela Pelizza, Model and influencer

Erika Boldrin, Influencer and startupper ( she launched a vegan cosmetic company)

Carlotta Oddi, Influencer and Editor at Vogue Japan

Diletta Bonaiuti, Influencer and stylist

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