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Hugh Jackman skiing on the Italian slopes.

Hugh Jackman the Australian actor know the world over for movies like Wolverine and the Xmen has chosen the Italian Alps to enjoy skiing during this winter season.

According to his Instagram profile he spent a few days in Livigno, a well know location for winter sports just a two-hours drive north of Milan.

Livigno is a very popular destination for those who like skiiing and enjoying the snow. The view from the top of the mountains nearby the small towns of Livigno and Bormio is breathtaking.

Livigno is also a popular city for shopping. Due to its close proximity with Switzerland, this town on the Alps is a tax free paradise. Here you can buy spirits and cigarettes for just a fraction of the regular price.

A view of the Alps from Livigno

Among the many places to go skiing around Milan, Valtellina (the area where Livigno and Bormio are) is for sure one of the moste appreciated. It has been the main host for the Alpine World Ski Championships many times thanks to the astonishing length of its slopes. More than 115 kilometers of slopes for Alpine skiing and 30 kilometers of cross country skiing compose the offer of this territory.

No wonder then why actor Hugh Jackman decided to spend his winter vacations in Italy and why he chose the stunning view of the Alps as a background for his latest Instagram pictures.

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