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Hollywood celebrities who starred in Italian commercials

Last updated on January 30, 2020

Being a Hollywood celebrity means fame, popularity and above all money! However when the phone stops ringing and the acting opportunity tend to go away, the best way to make ends meet seems to be the marvellous world of commercials!

Hollywood celebrities do not like that much to see their public image associated to commercial products, it is just not a smart move in terms of career and reputation. But if that particular commercial is released only in other countries, and not in America, why not?

Many of the Hollywood celebrities have accepted to represent a brand or a product in other countries and it might surprise you how many of them have starred in Italian commercials.

Cindy Crawford for instance is currenlty representing a sparkling water brand. She walks down the Spanish steps in Rome while drinking some chilly water.

George Clooney has been the official face of the espresso pods of a well known coffee brand. Julia Roberts a couple of years ago starred as an angel in another coffee brand commercial while Owen Wilson enjoys a pre-dinner drink (the aperitivo) owned by the most important beverage manufacture of Italy.

Here below is a gallery from of some of the most appreciated Hollywood celebrities who starred in Italian commercials. Enjoy!

Owen Wilson and The Crodino

Cindy Crawford and San Benedetto

George Clooney and Nespresso

Julia Roberts and Lavazza

Kevin Kostner and Riomare

Bruce Willis and Vodafone

Andy Garcia and Amaro Averna

Dustin Hoffman and Caffè Vergnano

Antonio Banderas and Mulino Bianco

Charlize Theron and Martini

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