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Here is what to do this fall in Milan

Who says that the summer is the ideal season for a week end away? Autumn is actually a very enjoyable season too! If you are planning a week end with your friends or a family vacation before Christmas, make sure to include the city of Milan in your bucket list!

Getting to Milan is extremely easy thanks to its three international airports and budget airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair connect the city with plenty of destinations.

If you wish to save some money on your accommodation check how to book the best apartament among the 15.000 available on the airbnb platform. If you are more into a one of a kind stay, Milan knows how to let you live a luxury experience here in the city.

Now that you know how to get here and where to stay the only thing missing is to start planning what to do in the city this fall.

There are plenty of things to do regardless of the season you happen to be here in the city that you should not miss:

Once the tour of the above listed wonders of Milan is over do not miss the chance to enjoy the best that Milan has to offer during the upcoming fall:


From the 19th to the 25th of September

Milano Women Fashion Week. Well we do not need to tell you what this is about…In any case here is the full calendar of events.

From the 21st to the 23rd of September

Volleyball men’s world championship. The full calendar of events available at this link!

From the 27th of September to the 1st of October

Milano Calcio City. A city comes into play  and tells us an (own) idea of football through the stories of today and tomorrow of people who love football from the road to San Siro, from  foosball to the Derby . P.S: with “football” we mean soccer here in Europe…

From the 12th to the 21st of October

Fall Design Week. Interior designers, architects, design connoisseurs and enthusiasts meet in Milan to discuss the most recet trends in this field through a full calendar of events, seminars and workshops!

Up to the 14th of October

Milanoltre. The contemporary dance festival takes the entire city with performances by the main artists, dancers and coreographers of the global dance scene.

From the 15th to the 18th of November

Bookcity. The city becomes an en plein air library where to enjoy the pleasure of reading and discover new authors from the five corners of the world.

From the 19th to the 25th of November

Music Week. An entire week dedicated to pop music. Dj Sets, concerts and live performances will entertain the citizens of Milan and its many visitors. Here is what to know!

From the 7th to the 10th of December

Fiera degli O’bej O’bej. The most important Christmas market of the city. Its origin dates back to 1510 and the name O’bej O’bej literaly translates into Oh beautiful Oh beautiful, which is what the children visiting the market said when in front of the many toys and treats on sale at the market.


From the 20th of September to the 14th of January 2019

“The black image corporation” at Fondazione Prada Osservatorio.

The project explores the fundamental legacy of Johnson Publishing Company archives, which feature more than 4 million images and have contributed to shape the aesthetic and cultural languages of the contemporary African American identity.” (Fondazione Prada Website)

From the 4th of October to the 3rd of February 2019

Carlo Carrà at Palazzo Reale

From the divisionist years to the great masterpieces that make him one of the leading exponents of Futurism and Metaphysics, to paintings attributable to ‘plastic values’, to landscapes and still lives that attest its return to reality from the 1920s, not without neglecting the great compositions of figures dating back to the thirties.” (Milan municipality website)

From the 18th of October to the 25th of February 2019

“Sanguine – Luc Tuymans on Baroque” at Fondazione Prada 

“Sanguine” is a personal interpretation of the Baroque based on innovative juxtapositions and unexpected associations of works by contemporary artists and Old Masters.” (Fondazione Prada Website)

From the 18th of October to the 17th of February

Picasso Metamorfosi at Palazzo Reale

“The exhibition Picasso Metamorphosis to be held at the Palazzo Reale  will be a central feature of the autumn season in Milan: devoted to the multifaceted and fruitful relationship the Spanish genius entertained with myth and antiquity throughout his remarkable career, it aims to explore his intense and complex creative process from this particular perspective.” ( Exhibition website)

From the 31st of October to the 3rd of March 2019

Paul Klee at MUDEC

“The exhibition Paul Klee. Alle origini dell’arte (Paul Klee. At the Origins of Art) will be hosted by the MUDEC in Milan from 31 October 2018. It features a wide selection of Klee’s works on the theme of “primitivism” and offers an original reassessment of this concept, which in Klee embraces pre-classical periods of Western art (like that of Pharaonic Egypt); epochs previously considered “barbaric” or decadent, such as those of Late Antique, Early Christian, Coptic and early medieval art; and lastly African, Oceanic and Amerindian art.” (MUDEC website)


From the 11th to the 16th of October

U2 Experience + Innocence Tour at Mediolanum Forum

Tickets available here.

From the 17th of October to the 2nd of November 

L’histoire de Manon at the La Scala Opera House

Tickets available here

19th of October

Jason Derulo at Mediolanum Forum

Ticktes available here.

From the 1st to the 13th of November

Jazz MI. The even dedicated to Jazz music in the city of Milan features more than 200 concerts and performances and 500 artists for almost two weeks! Check here the full calendar of events.

17th of November

5 seconds of Summer at Mediolanum Forum

Tickets available here

7th of December

The Grand Opening of the La Scala opera season.

Tickets (very expensive…) available here

Well this is kind of a lot… and it is not even everything happening in the city this fall, but we believe it is a good start!

Enjoy Milan this fall and follow us to always be in the loop!





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