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The dark side of Milan: the Gucci’s murder

Last updated on March 3, 2021

The Gucci’s murder

The dark side of Milan

It was the 27th of March 1995 when the body of Maurizio Gucci, the heir of the Gucci empire, was found in the lobby of his new company’s headquarter in Milan. An old building in Via Palestro 20, just a few steps from the fashion district.

Mr Gucci woke up early in the morning that day and walked from his house in Corso Venezia 38 to the office. He entered the building, took a few steps on the stairs and that’s when four gunshots hit his back. The doorman Mr Onorato was lef wounded on the floor but survived. His testimony will be crucial to solve this mistery. He saw a green car, a Renault Clio, leaving just a few seconds after the killing.

The investigation took almost two years. The first to be under scrutiny for the murder was Mr Paolo Gucci, cousin of the victim and then Ms Paola Franchi, at that time in a relationship with Mr Maurizio Gucci, after his marriage with Ms Patrizia Reggiani ended. The news of the murder went overseas where the investigators were questioning also some mobsters of the New York mafia due to a fifteen million dollars business that involved Mr Maurizio Gucci.

None of the people under investigation was found guilty until one night in a hotel on the outskirts of Milan, a man said something.

Mr Ivano Savioni, the nightwatchman , said that he and his friend Ms Pina Auriemma, a sort of fortune teller, were somehow involved in the murder.

The 8th of January 1997 Mr Filippo Ninni, the head of the police department in Milan, answered the phone of his office: an informer, Mr Gabriele Carpanese.

Mr Carpanese told to Mr Ninni that he knew who was the instigator of the murder, who organized it and who actually did it.

After a deep investigation that involved hidden microphones and police infiltrators the picture became suddenly clear.

The ex wife of Mr Gucci, Ms Patrizia Reggiani had her friend and confidant Ms Pina Auriemma to find someone willing to commit the murder of her ex husband.


Ms Patrizia Reggiani and her accomplices were found guilty of first degree murder and spent almost twenty years in prison. She never admitted to be the hand behind the murder and her two daughters are still proclaming her innocence.

The ex wife of the victim just served her last years on parole and she is now a free woman, working in the fashion industry…again.

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