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Grab a bite at Mercato al Duomo

Maybe it’s the EXPO effect but Milan is now offering plenty of opportunities when it comes to food and food culture. The most recent opening is the “Mercato al Duomo” right next to the Cathedral in Piazza del Duomo.  It is a modern space on 4 levels for a total amount of 5.000 square meters.


The architect Michele de Lucchi has designed a new space which allow visitors to  experience the whole Italian food tradition: from the raw materials to the finished product. The “Mercato al Duomo” features five different areas:

The Bar Motta: for a real Italian breakfast. This is the place to be for a nice espresso experience and to taste Italian pastries and baked goods.

The Bistrot Milano Duomo: a place where to have lunch or dinner trying the typical Italian courses from pasta to risotto.

The Terrazza Aperol: when it comes to visit Milan do not forget to have an aperitivo. This area of the “Mercato al Duomo” is the perfect place to have a drink while enjoying the view of the Duomo Cathedral.

The Mercato: a grocery store where to purchase the goods of the Italian agriculture and farming tradition such as cheese, cold cuts and fresh fruit and vegetables.

The Wine Bar: hundreds of bottles of wine are listed on the wine bar’s menu. Have sip of vino rosso while the bartender gives you insights about the vineyards in the Milan’s surroundings.


Walking along the corridors of this new space gives you the exact same feeling of those old street markets that used to enrich the Milan’s city streets and prices are as reasonable as the ones of those markets.

The Mercato al Duomo

Piazza del Duomo, 25



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