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Ghe Sem: Asian food meets the Italian culinary tradition

Ghe Sem is a particular restaurant in Milan that offers the right mix of Chinese and Italian food culture: Dim Sum filled with typical italian ingredients.

The Dim Sum stand to the Chinese food culture as the tapas stand to the Spanish one: a collection of Chinese dishes that are usually steamed or fried. Particularly popular in the southern regions of China the rite of the Dim Sum is usually combined with the Yum Cha, the art of drinking tea.

Given the huge popularity that the Asian food culture has acquired in the western world, the owners of Ghe Sem decided to combine these small delicacies with the recipes of the Italian food tradition.

The long list on the menu of the Ghe Sem features the genuine Chinese steamed ravioli filled with several delicious combination: asparagus and potatoes, mushrooms and prawns.

Te list continues with the non vegeterian offer: from the Dim Sum filled with amatriciana sauce, to the ones with chicken and curry.

The concept of  a cultural mix between China and Italy has also been applied to the cocktails’ list. The recipes of the  signature cocktails that we are used to have been modified to match the original food experience of the Ghe Sem.

Ginger, wasabi and sakè are some of the ingredients that give a twist to the bloody maries and martinis that we are accustomed to order in our favorite bars.

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The experience within every restaurants depends also on the level of service and Ghe Sem does not disappoint the expectations.

The waiters and barmen are extremely well prepared to answer to the enquiries that such an unsual menu could inspire and ready to serve their clients with professionalism.

If you wish to try this mouth-watering experience here’s where to go:

Ghe Sem ( Cadorna station)

Via Vincenzo Monti, 26

20123, Milan

They have also just opened a new location in the fancy isola district

Ghe Sem (Isola Station)

Via Borsieri 26

20159, Milan

P.S: If you want to check the whole food offer in the city of Milan just check this link!



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