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Freddie Mercury’s piano sold for 2.2 million dollars

Freddie Mercury’s piano has just been sold at an auction by Sotheby’s following the huge success of the exhibition: Freddie Mercury – A World of His Own. The piano is a 1973 Yamaha G2 purchased by the star when he was on the cusp of stardom and remaining his faithful companion for the rest of his life.

The instrument was used to compose some of the greatest songs of the 20th century and was part of larger collections which earned the auction house more than 15 million dollars.

Freddie Mercury’s piano: a witness of greatness

The piano wasn’t the only gem of this auction presented by Sotheby’s in London. Among the many items in the collection there were two manuscripts. One written on the page of a calendar is the original manuscript of the song “Bohemian Rapsody” while the second was the draft of the lyrics for “We are the champions”. The first one was sold for 1.7 million dollars while the second for “only” 395 thousand dollars.

Surely the piano was the leading item of the collection which cought the attention of the many buyers at the auction house’s headquarter as well as online. The reason behind the great success, most probably unexpected by the Sotheby’s team itself, is the role that Freddie Mercury played in the history of the 20th century. Not just of its music. He was a true icon who inspired millions of people around the globe.

“Whether it was the music so close to his heart, his unique sense of showmanship and style, his connoisseurship and expertise for objets and antiques, or his zest for Japanese art and culture, this sale represented a richly drawn, textured portrait of the man”

Sotheby’s website

Picasso and Mirò sold big

If Freddie Mercury’s piano was the centre of the attention of the many buyers and fans, two prints had all the eyes all over them. A print by Pablo Picasso titled “Jaqueline au chapeau noir” sold for 240 thousand dollars while Miro‘s “Le Matador” sold for 110 thousand dollars.

It is not the first time that an artist’s collection of memorabilia and personal object gets so much attention. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has recently shown to the public a serie of items which belonged to another British icon: Davd Bowie.

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