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Checking Invoices: an Instagram profile you must follow

Here at The Milan City Journal we like to talk about those who do a great job and these girls behind Checking Invoices surely do!

The first impact with the feed of this extremely original Instagram profile might be having you going like “mmmhhh…I wanna know more!” And this is exactly what happend to us the first time we find out that there was something new on the internet.

So we started checking the whole profile to get to know more. It all started back in December 2016 with this post.

The caption says “To when I had to check all the invoices for tomorrow’s stuff” and then a couple of hashtags that suggest that the sort of PJ the girl is wearing comes from a recent collection of the Milan based fashion house Prada. Nothing that different from the thousands of profiles managed by influencers and wannabees. Well actually there is a huge difference. The girl is portrayed with her face covered by what seems to be a woolen hood.

By scrolling up to the most recent pics on the Checking Invoices Instagram profile we noticed how the whole feed evolved from what seemed to be a I-am-getting-bored-let’s-do-something-weird thing to a planned and thought through project.

Clothes are carefully selected, the pose is always unconventional and their face is never shown. They clearly had the temptation to show an eye, a detail of the face till they found the true soul of what they had in mind at the beginning. Not just the face but also arms and legs are covererd either with gloves, tights or suits in different bright colors (from the leopard print to pink) that match with the outfit.

The girls then moved from a in-house set to the city. And this is what we liked the most. From the Saint Mark Church to the Citylife district, from the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele to a lemonade stand nearby the Isola neighbourhood the profile has the power to enhance the appeal of Milan through fashion and this shadow of mistery, eventhough their profile description says that the “anonymous duo” is based “nowhere”…

This choice of course takes a lot of bravery. Imagine the face of those tourists sitting in front of the Duomo Cathedral or the commuters on the metro when they see this iconic figure sitting by them in a fancy dress and a colorful suit.

This choice brought the profile to fame. With less than 200 posts published (up to this blog posts date) they have a more than 36.000 follower and an engagement rate around the 8%.

A well earned success that undoubtedly contributes to the international reputation of Milan as the capital of fashion.

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