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Posts published in “Business”

Beond Airlines Takes Flight from Milan to the Maldives

Beond Airline is the new carrier in town. The world's first premium leisure airline — unveiled its sophisticated and unique aircraft livery. With events in Malé, Maldives attended by dignitaries, investors, supporters and employees, and at a global media event broadcast online and in-person in Dubai, the airline showcased its first aircraft, an Airbus A319 seating 44 passengers in a luxurious all lay-flat configuration

Freddie Mercury’s piano sold for 2.2 million dollars

Freddie Mercury's piano has just been sold at an auction by Sotheby's following the huge success of the exhibition: Freddie Mercury - A World of His Own. The piano is a 1973 Yamaha G2 purchased by the star when he was on the cusp of stardom and remaining his faithful companion for the rest of his life.

The instrument was used to compose some of the greatest songs of the 20th century and was part of larger collections which earned the auction house more than 15 million dollars. Read for more

The problem with urban beekeeping and how to solve it

According to data from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), between 2011 and 2021, the number of beehives worldwide grew by 26 percent, increasing from 81.4 to 101.6 million. But is urban beekeeping really the panacea we all believe it is for urban biodiversity and sustainability?