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Cascina Cuccagna: from brunch to lunch…and dinner!

Cascina Cuccagna is an old farm in the heart of Milano and more precisely in the Porta Romana district. The origin of the Cascina Cuccagna dates back to the beginning of the 18th century. The Cascina then known as Cassina Torchio was owned and managed by the monks of the Fatebenefratelli order who cultivated the medical herbs in the nearby lands and fields.

The Cascina Cuccagna was then named after another nearby farmhouse which was destroyed, to make room for some  new urban infrastructures, at the beginning of the 20th century. When in the late 90s of last century it was left in state of abandon the residents of the neighbourhood decided to found an association to preserve the history and legacy of the Cascina Cuccagna.

Nowadays the Cascina Cuccagna belongs to the Milan municipality and it is a popular venue for corporate and private events. The Cascina also features a guest house with a few sleeping rooms and a restaurant called “Un Posto a Milano” which is a very popular destination for food connoisseurs.

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The food court of the Cascina Cuccagna is divided in two main areas: the bar and the restaurant. The philosophy behind the counters of the bar and restaurant aims at sublimating the products of the Milanese territory.

“All raw materials are provided by more than 100 small and medium size farms; most of them family run, some organic, others biodynamic, are managed by people in love with their job and deeply bound to their area, who use etchical and sustaibable methods of production.”

An extract of the website of Un Posto a Milano

If you happen to be in Milan the bar of the Cascina Cuccagna would be the perfect place where to enjoy a nice breakfast in the courtyard of the farm or to have a pre-dinner cocktail while enjoying the several delicatessen locally produced with natural and tasty ingredients.

Cascina Cuccagna – Un Posto a Milano

Opening hours:
from Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am – 1 am
on Sunday, 10 am – Midnight
Closed on Mondays

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