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Brunello Cucinelli honored at Paris Fashion Week

Brunello Cucinelli was the recipient of the Neiman Marcus Awards during a gathering in Paris on the occasion of the Paris Fashion Week. The retailer gathered industry leaders and creative forces, alongside global brand partners, past Award recipients and top customers. More than 50 fashion brands were in the room.

Brunello Cucinelli awarded the Neiman Marcus Award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Fashion

The award with a history of honoring more than 150 fashion luminaries over 85 years. Inaugural awards were given to Jonathan Anderson, Creative Director of LOEWE, who received the new Neiman Marcus Award for Creative Impact in the Field of Fashion, and accessories designer Amina Muaddi, who received the new Neiman Marcus Award for Innovation in the Field of Fashion. The Neiman Marcus Award statue was designed by William King in 1961, symbolizing the unfettered spirit of freedom so essential to the fashion creator.

“I greatly admire the 20 years of collaboration with Neiman Marcus, one of the highest expressions of fashion and luxury in the world and an icon of lifestyle and elegance. Thank you [Neiman Marcus] for this gift, because it pays tribute and honor to our Italy, to our Umbria region, to our Solomeo, and to all those human beings who, with their skilled hands, are able to design special things.”

Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli to launch new collection in April

Brunello Cucinelli will launch the Icon Collection this April, with exclusive pieces and a personal appearance for customers in Dallas. Jonathan Anderson and Amina Muaddi will each design exclusive collections and celebrate with Neiman Marcus customers at select stores across the country. Neiman Marcus will expand into new categories by honoring different industry creatives each year.

About Neiman Marcus Awards

Neiman Marcus Awards is a new platform to recognize and amplify breakthrough luminaries in fashion globally. It includes the return of the prestigious Neiman Marcus Award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Fashion, a legacy accolade established by Carrie Marcus Neiman and Stanley Marcus 85 years ago, as well as two expanded categories: the Neiman Marcus Award for Creative Impact in the Field of Fashion and the Neiman Marcus Award for Innovation in the Field of Fashion.

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