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Blizzard in New York

Last updated on June 26, 2018

The blizzard in New York that has paralyzed the entire city and the east coast of the United States is one of the worst in the recent past.

The Mayor of New York Bill de Blasio has updated the citizens of Manhattan and the surroundings boroughs  of Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island on the weather conditions. “But what’s quite clear is this is a serious, serious storm between the very low temperature, the strong winds, the driving snow, everyone should take this one very seriously. And take precautions” Mayor de Blasio has said during the press conference after an inspection in the Corona area of Queens.

To avoid any further troubles to the New Yorkers, the municipality has also invited everyone to cooperate and has warned that those who do not respect the city’s policies on the use of vehicles will be prosecuted:

“And in particular I want to note that any vehicles that are blocking roadways, any vehicles that are in the way of our operations to clear streets will be towed. So I want to emphasize to everyone, do not leave your vehicle in a situation where it is going to be subject to towing. We want everyone to be kept safe but we have to do things quickly to clear the streets in the name of safety.” (Mayor Bill de Blasio, press conference, January 4th 2018)

A blizzard in New York is also a nightmare for those that for various reasons need to fly. The JFK airport has cancelled plenty of flights leaving thousands of passengers on the ground. And the situation is almost the same at Newark and La Guardia airports. Live updates are available on the JFK Twitter account.

If New York is known to be the city that never sleeps, the place where the lights are alwasy on, a blizzard in New York is an extraordinary chance to see this cahotic meltin pot litterally freeze for a few hours and to get to see it calm and quite.

Blizzard in New York: Central Park

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Blizzard in New York: South Sea Port, Battery Park and the Village

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Blizzard in New York: the city streets

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Press conference of Mayor de Blasio available at

Pictures by Paolo Peroni



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