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And now Milan has its “Hollywood” sign

Last updated on August 23, 2023

It is an American landmark, standing right there on the top of Mount Hill since 1923 when a real estate entrepreneur put it there to advertise the construction of a new residential district. It is the Hollywood sign. Since then its popularity has grown to become an American icon. Thousands of tourists go there to see what they saw in the movies and to experience the most what the Santa Monica Mountains have to offer.  Throughout the years it became the symbol of the movie industry that vibes in Hollywood, a fast paced environment where dreams come true.

The Hollywood sign on the hills around Los Angeles
The Hollywood sign on the hills around Los Angeles

The Hollywood sign in Milan

The city of Milan has recently installed right in front of the MICO Milan Convention Centre a new sign saying “City of Milano”. This new landmark stands right in front of the main entrance to welcome the visitors of the conferences and events taking place at the MICO. Even though the whole city has an international appeal the convention centre is for sure the most international place of the city. Plenty of visitors come to the city to enhance their knowledge about particular topics during international conferences and Milan has decided to welcome them in the best possible way. This new sign is aimed at become the new symbol of the city to let everybody know that this is the “City of Milano”.

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