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A week end in Milan to enjoy the end of the summer

Summer is almost over and we are all about to get back to work but if you are looking for a last adventure to weaken the whole “back in the office” thing just catch a flight to Milan and enjoy what it has to offer in these last few days of summer.

A breakfast at Basara Milano

Ever wondered what the Japanese have for breakfast? The guys at Basara Milano surely tried to give an answer to this question by putting together typical Japanese pastries and  some of the signature Italian delicacies. And cappuccino of course.

A visit to the Fondazione Prada

Not that far from Basara there is the contemporary art museum strongly wanted for the city of Milan by Miuccia Prada herself. The Fondazione features a permanent collection of contemporary artworks and temporary exhibition by some of the most authoritative artists out there.

Chase a food truck for lunch

Ape Cesare is the first Roman food truck touring the streets of Milan. If you wish to try some delicatessen of the roman food tradition from a panino with porchetta (yummy) to a supplì (check their Instagram account to know what this is!) you will need to find out where they are, it’s a truck after all!

Take a tour (or a nap) at Sempione park

After a good lunch what you need is for sure to relax on the grass of the Sempione park. The park stands where once there was the piazza d’armi, right next to the Sforza castle. It features an acquarium built in 1906 for the Milan Universal Exposition and it is the only building which was not destroyed after the end of the event. The park is also a place where to enjoy some time with your kids and where to have a gelato in one of the ice cream stands.

Enjoy a Spritz or a Hugo

Both the Spritz and the Hugo are two signature Italian cocktails which you can enjoy in one of the many bars open for the aperitivo: the pre-dinner rite of the Milanese people. Take a seat in the dehor and enjoy some people watching while treating yourself to the all you can eat buffet. The best areas of the city where to have an aperitivo are places like the Navigli district, Brera, Arco della Pace but many of the bars around the city serve food and drinks before dinner.

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Ok guys, these are just some suggestions on what to do in Milan during these last few days of summer but if you wish to know more drop us an email or contact us through our social networks!


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