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How to enjoy a cappuccino as Italians do

Last updated on July 3, 2018

The cappuccino is probably one of the most popular hot drink on planet earth. It is known to be a must of the Italian food tradition but its origin might surprise our readers.

The story of the cappuccino dates back to the 17th century when an Italian monk belonging to the Capuchins order went to Vienna as counsellor to the emperor Leopold the First. He stopped in what is known to be the very first coffee house of Europe called “Zur Blauen Flasche” ( the blue flask/bottle).

The owner of the coffee house was a Polish soldier Georg Kolschitsky who apparently found some bags of coffee beans that were left behind by the Ottomans once the siege of Vienna was over.

The Italian monk, father Marco d’Alviano, went then to the coffee house to taste this new drink that Georg did with these exotic seeds but it was too bitter so he decided to add some milk to it. The result was a hot beverage the same color of the monk’s tunic that had Georg to exclaim: “Kapuziner!”

It was 1683 and more than two hundreds years later in 1901 the Italian inventor Luigi Bezzera patented the very first espresso machine. This technological achievement gave to this Italian morning drink the consistency that we know now.

If the  invention of the cappuccino has a multicultural origin, the way to drink and enjoy it is 100% italian. There are three simple rules to enjoy a cappuccino as the Italians do.

1.It needs to be hot

The cappuccino must be enjoyed as hot as hell. It is the same for espresso.

2. Never have a cappuccino after noon

It is supposed to be a morning drink, something you have for breakfast.

3.Never have a cappuccino and a sandwich at the same time

This hot beverage is NOT a soft drink. It goes with pastries not with sandwiches or pizza.

We will see now that Starbucks is opening in Milan if these three simple rules will be respected in the most notable coffee house of the world.


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