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Blink Travel Guide: here is our review

Blink Travel Guide: here is our review

Blink is a new tool that has recently joined the multitude of apps that aim at enhancing the tourists experience where ever they are.

It has been developed to make easier and faster for visitors of the major destinations to select where to go, which museum to visit or to find a restaurant that locals would choose.

The two main features of Blink are the massive use of attractive pictures and its fluid navigation. The developers needed to find a way to stand from the crowd and through a clear, simple and fancy layout they actually did it.

Somebody has already called Blink Travel Guide the “Tinder” of places. The reason why these two apps have been compared is basically the way the users scroll from one place to the other. It is just a matter of swiping with the thumb from left to right and viceversa to select the topic of your choice.

The app also features a user-friendly map to let the user know where the most iconic places are and every file has its own detailed description, whether you are looking for information about the Sforza Castle or the opening time of a restaurant in the city.

Blink is currently available on both the App Store and Google Play and it is daily increasing the number of cities that are available on the platform. Nowadays Blink features the following cities and regions:

  • Barcelona
  • Chicago
  • Emilia
  • Florence
  • Kyoto
  • London
  • Miami
  • Milan
  • New York
  • Paris
  • Philippines
  • Roma
  • SF Bay
  • Sicilia
  • Turin
  • Venice

The ratings on the app seem to be excellent so far, tourists enjoy it and leave their positive comments on the app store. Product Hunt, the website that rates the new products (digital and non-digital), put it in the Top 5 and the score on the app store is 4.8/5.  Nothing else to say!

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