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Tekashi69 vs Mario Balotelli: who’s best?

The American rapper Tekashi69 challenges Mario Balotelli on penalties and in a popular video on youtube he also challenges Neymar and Ronaldo.

As soon as he arrived in Italy, Tekashi69 met with Mario Balotelli for a challenge to the last penalty. The American rapper, of Mexican and Puerto Rican origin, has indeed invited Supermario to kick his best penalty.

Tekashi69, also known as 6ix9ine proved to be quite capable by blocking three of the five penalties kicked by Mario Balotelli who, it must be said, certainly did not give his best in this improvised challenge.

In a previous interview on the website, Tekashi69 had even challenged Neymar, claiming to be among the best goalkeepers in the world and Brazil, again according to the same Mexican rapper, should thank him that he is not among the posts in the game scheduled for today at 16 between the two Latin American teams.

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