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The Milan City Journal

List of concerts in Milan this fall

Up to the end of the year there will be many international artists on stage who have chosen the city of Milan as the one and only city where to perform in Italy and for their Italian fans. From Michael Bublè to Enrique Iglesias and Bryan Adams the fall music scene promises to be exciting in the capital of fashion and design.

MITO: a 90 miles music festival

The MITO the music festival which happens simultaneously in Milan and Turin will take place from the 3rd to the 19th of September. MITO a brief history Founded in 1978 by Giorgio Balmas the MITO was born to promote classical music through the use of uncommon spaces to enjoy it. Hospitals, courtyards, railway stations, schools, public parks, factories and many other places where usually music (and classical music) is not played become the scenery of unforgettable concerts. The two cities that are 90 miles apart from each other thus become two huge concert halls where in every corner for 16…

Roy Lichtenstein in Milan: last days to enjoy this stunning exhibition

“Roy Lichtenstein Multiple Vision” this is the title of the exhibition currently on display at the MUDEC, the Museum of Cultures in the Tortona Design District in Milan. But hurry up! It’s closing on the 8th! Roy Lichtenstein’s bio Born in New York in 1923 Roy Fox Lichtenstein was the son of a real estate agent and a housewife. He studied at the New York Franklyn School for boys and after that he went to the Ohio State University where he studied art. His education was then interrupted by the beginning of World War II and he served in the…

A week end in Milan to enjoy the end of the summer

Summer is almost over and we are all about to get back to work but if you are looking for a last adventure to weaken the whole “back in the office” thing just catch a flight to Milan and enjoy what it has to offer in these last few days of summer. A breakfast at Basara Milano Ever wondered what the Japanese have for breakfast? The guys at Basara Milano surely tried to give an answer to this question by putting together typical Japanese pastries and  some of the signature Italian delicacies. And cappuccino of course. A visit to the…

Abercrombie & Fitch leaves Milan amid sales fall

Abercrombie & fitch leaves Milan and we are very sorry to hear about that! It was just a few years ago when we talked about the grand opening of the first Italian store of the company based in Manhattan and now things seem to have gone wrong, in every possible way. When we have previously reported of the dire straits many retailers found themselves in we could not imagine that the end of the Milanese Abercrombie and fitch store was so close!

Igloos in Milan. A post war housing solution

Igloos in Milan are a major example of architectural diversity of the capital of fashion and design. Their construction demonstrates how iconic and vibrant was the design scene just a few years after the second world conflict. Igloos in Milan. A brief history The igloo houses in Milan were built in 1946 on a project by architect and engineer Mario Cavallè, who also designed the mushroom houses which were demolished at the beginning of the sixties. These particular contructions own their origin to the need of those left homeless by the allied bombing which took place in Milan during the…