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The Milan City Guide: here is what to do in Milan

The Milan City Guide by the Milan City Journal is a full guide to the discovery of the capital of fashion and design.

The Milan city Guide: A brief introduction

If we would need to find a statement to describe the city of Milan it would be for sure

“If New York and Rome had a daughter, her name would be Milan”

We believe that these few words perfectly describe the vibe of the city and its appeal. Milan is able to merge the old and the new, to link its roots to the future.

The new skyscarpers of the financial district stand proudly right next to the medieval building and walls. Local markets and stores share the streets with the most important retailers. Contemporary art meets Renaissance masterpieces in the Milanese museums.

Visiting Milan means then to discover how the Milanese people have been able to save and valorize their past and to project it into the future thanks to their hard work and sacrifice.

Milan is known as the città operosa (the working city) because of its long tradition of devotion and commitment to the business development of its territory.  The efforts of the Milanese people, companies and institutions have been well rewarded. Nowadays Milan is the economic hub of Italy and the Lombardy region is one of the most competitive areas of the world in terms of gross domestic product.

There are plenty of reasons why to visit the city of Milan. We have chosen five that have one thing in common. Check this link to find out!

The Milan City Guide: How to get here

Getting to Milan is easy and cheap thanks to its three international airports. Direct flights from the most of the European destinations and from Asia, Africa and North America land in Milan every single day!

If you are travelling from Europe you can also get here by car! Milan is just a 40 minutes drive from the Swiss border, Austria, Germany, France and Slovenia are no more than a 4 hours drive!

Before you start make sure to know a little bit more about the history of Milan: from the beginning to the roman era, from the Middle Ages to the modern times.

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The Milan City Guide: The landmarks

You are now ready to start a tour of the city that must include its landmarks:

The Milan City Guide: The museums

This Milan city guide offers then the opportunity to discover the charm of the museums of the city, in particular:

The Milan City Guide: Where to eat

After this art binge you must be starving and if you are looking for a nice restaurant where to have lunch the wide range of choices in Milan, from pizza to Japanese food, will not let you down. Among our favorites:

If you wish to have other suggestions here is how to contact us.

The Milan City Guide: Where to shop

This Milan City Guide is also a very useful tool to find out where to shop in the city of Milan. If you have time between a visit to a museum and a walk on the rooftop of the Duomo Cathedral just make sure to visit these places:

And don’t forget to visit the brand new shopping mall in the City Life district righ in front of the MICO Milan Convention Centre.

The Milan city Guide: Where to stay

The city of Milan offers a wide range of accommodations and hotels. More than 35.000 sleeping rooms are spread throughout the Milanese territory. From the B&Bs to the fancy and elegant 5 stars properties. Here below our suggestions on how to look for the perfect facility that will suit the most your needs.

Best hotels in Milan


If this is not enough you can for sure rely on platforms like Trivago or Booking. If you have not find what you are looking for or if you need suggestions or advices on where to stay in Milan just drop us an email. We will be more than happy to give you our opinion.We are local after all!

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If you do not know where to start we have outlined a couple of itinearies that could be a good choice:

The Milan City Guide: The surroundings

In the heart of northern Italy, Milan is conveniently located close to some of the most iconic areas of Italy: from Portofino (1.45 hours drive) to Lake Como (40 minutes drive), from Florence (1.45 minutes by highspeed train) to the mountains where to enjoy the slopes.

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As the cabin crew will say when you will land in Milan:

We wish you a pleasant stay and we hope to see you soon!

P.S: If you need any assistance in planning your trip to Milan just contact us with our contact form or use our social media! We are here to help!





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