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Christmas movies to get you in the right mood

Christmas movies to get you in the right mood!

When it comes to Christmas there is nothing like sitting on your couch with your loved ones and enjoy a good movie to enhance the festive atmosphere.

Here is our chart of the best christmas movies that will get you in the right mood.

5. The Grinch

Released in 2000 and directed by Ron Howard, the movie won an academy award for best make up. It stars Jim Carrey as The Grinch.

It was a major success and since the beginning of the new century has become a Christmas classic. The story of how the monster living as a hermit on the mountain finds the true meaning of Christmas thansk to a little girl will have you melt at every frame.

4. Love Actually

A movie for the girls that boys secretely enjoy. The lives and careers of a group of londoners rolls around the Christmas recital of a primary school. Do not be surprised to find yourserlf singing during the grand finale. The cast includes Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson and a then unknown Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead).

3. It’s a wonderful life

An old time classic released back in 1946 and directed by  Frank Capra. James Stewart plays the role of a man who did not dedicated enough time of his life to help those in need. About to commit suicide receives the help of an angel, a happening which will change the rest of his life.  This is one of those movies that truly bring some Christmas spirit in every household.

2. Home Alone

It’s not Christmas without the tricks of Kevin McCallister left home alone by his distracted parents. Comedy mixes with drama when the viewer finds out what happened to the misterious man with a shovel. Stunning performance by the two villains of the movie Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern and of course the one of Catherine O’Hara when she screams “Kevin!”.

1.Trading places

Believe it or not this is THE Christmas movies for the Italian people. Every year on Christmas Eve the major tv network broadcasts this movie. The story of how a rich guy (Dan Aykroyd) is tricked by two avid financial borkers and replaced as the head of their company by a  beggar played by Eddie Murphy somehow became a Christmas classic since the 24th of December 1997.

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