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Best and worst of the Milan fashion Week

The Milan Fashion Week is about to end. It’s been a week of exciting news for the fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals who spent their time running from the many venues that hosted the main events of the Milan Fashion Week. More than a hundred fashion shows have taken the entire city and showed to the world how the spring and summer seasons will look like. Here is what we liked and what we didn’t of this past few days.

Front rows at the Milan Fashion Week #MFW

Front rows in the fashion world are kind of a thing! The closer you are to the catwalk the more important you are. This is probably why we were in Sidney during the Milan fashion Week...Anyways here is a look to the VIPs and celebrities who were in the city for the Milan Fashion Week. read who was here and the brands who relied on some "Hollywood" exposure!

Events and parties at Milan Fashion Week

Events and parties during the Milan Fashion Week play a relevant role as both gatherings and business networking opportunities. Beside the more than a hundred fashion show scheduled during the chicest week of the year there are plenty of so called side events that bring together fashionistas and business men and women. Read for more on parties in Milan!

Influencers to follow during Milan Fashion Week

Influencers especially in fashion are kind of walking on egg shells lately. The decision of Instagram, tested in Italy and other countries, to permanently delete the number of likes that each pictures gets is jeopardising the whole influencers marketing arena. Anyways some of the most reliable fashion influencers are still in vogue and, wisely enough, they are moving to a more interactive connection with their follower base. Read for more!

10 Corso Como in New York is now open

10 Corso Como in New York is now open We had the chance to visit 10 Corso Como in New York just a few weeks before the grand opening of the store in the South Seaport District, and now that the iconic negozio owned by Carla Sozzani has officially opened its doors we went back to Manhattan to see how things are going in the up-and-coming district next to Pier 17. Accessories The store surely replicates the same look and feel of its Milanese version. The fashion, design and photography enthusiasts will not be disappointed. It opens on a grand…

Our annual review of Fashion Brands on Instagram

It is the third edition of our annual review of fashion brands on Instagram. Things have a changed quite a bit for Italian brands and their hashtags on this social network. If the top of the chart has not changed since we started this reasearch back in 2016, the less popular brands on the platform are fighting their way up to the top 10. Bottega Veneta lost three spots and Dsquared gained two! While in percentages the best results have been achieved by Moncler (+47%), Dsquared (+40%) and Trussardi (+40%). Always remember that the list takes into consideration only the…

Celebrities in the city for Milano Fashion Week 2018

Milano Fashion Week 2018 The city of Milan is fully packed with celebrities and hollywood stars who came to Milan for fashion week.   Olivia Palermo   Visualizza questo post su Instagram   Milan wouldn’t be complete without @Maxandco! #maxandco #extraordinaryeveryday #ad Un post condiviso da Olivia Palermo (@oliviapalermo) in data: Set 20, 2018 at 9:55 PDT   Visualizza questo post su Instagram   Stepping out in Milan. Un post condiviso da Olivia Palermo (@oliviapalermo) in data: Set 19, 2018 at 9:32 PDT Spike Lee   Visualizza questo post su Instagram   Special Heart Felt Thanks To Ms. Prada For…