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Apple Store to open soon in Milan

It seems that the endless story of the Apple store in Milan has finally come to an end. The decision has been taken. The capital of fashion will have its own Apple store.  It was a few years ago when the management of the Cupertino’s most iconic brand came to the city looking for a space where to build the store. The final choice was the Galleria, the most elegant shopping mall in downtown Milan. The municipality then evicted a McDonald’srestaurant which was at that time renting the space that Apple was willing to acquire. But Prada came and put much more money on the table .

The dream of having an Apple store in the city centre seemed to be far away…till a couple of weeks ago when Apple announced that the city store will be built just a few steps from the Duomo cathedral. The area chosen to display and sell the Apple’s latest products is Piazzetta Liberty a small square surrounded by buildings decorated in the art deco style. The store will be very similar to the one in New York city.



A big glass and steel cube by architect Norman Foster will be standing in the middle of the Piazzetta as the main access to the store which will be actually developed underground. The area underneath the square is now occupied by the Apollo cinema, one of the oldest in town.

The architects of the Milan municipality are now working closely with Apple and with the owners of the Apollo cinema to design a building which respects the architectural standards of the city. If there will not be any other unexpected event the first client of the Milan’s Apple store should be visiting it by the end of 2017, right on time for the Christmas presents!

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