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American food in Milan

American food in Milan is easy to find. Check the below list of american food outlets and restaurants in the city of Milan.


Every single day should start with an invigorating breakfast. If you fancy a full american breakfast you can try “California Bakery“. Founded by Marco D’Arrigo more than 20 years ago the restaurants of this company offer food prepared according to the American food tradition using only genuine products. The company has six restaurants in town so no matter where your hotel is, in a few minutes you can reach one of  the California Bakery’s locations.


When it comes to burger Americans know better! If you are looking for a nice restaurant where to have a burger you can choose among  several options. And justs to name a few…

Holy Ham Burger (Via Palermo, 15)

Burger Wave (Via Ascanio Sforza, 47)

Fatto Bene Burger (Via Borsieri, 14)

But the best place to feel at home while having dinner is for sure Tizzy’s. Why? becuase Tizzy is a hundred percent American.

Tizzy Beck, the big macher of Tizzy’s, a born and raised New Yorker brings a little piece of NYC to Milano. Serving up the American classic dishes, brunch and drinks.

While living in Milano, besides her family, friends, and Chinese food delivery, the one thing Tizzy missed the most was  a laid-back place to eat well, drink, and hang out….. so she built it.”

Tizzy’s official website


If you are not used yet to the super short Italian espresso and you are missing one of those giant paper cups (maybe with your mispelled name on it) you can go and have a coffee at Arnold Coffee. The Italian version of Starbucks (which should be opening soon in Milan) has a few coffee houses in the city. It is not just about coffee. At Arnold’s you can also enjoy pastries like apple pies and brownies.

See? Wasn’t hard to find a piece of America in Milan.


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