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5 places to visit in 2017

If  in your New Year’s resolutions list appears “Travel more!” you must check the below list of the 5 places to visit in 2017:

5. Salt Lake City (USA)

Its popularity grew a lot since the 2002 Winter Olympics. In the past 15 years the Utah capital has been able to continue its indisputable reputation as a ski paradise. From January to the end December the Salt Lake City’s ski and summer resorts are the right destination to experience the most of the US natural richness. The city is also the hometown of one of the most prestigious showbiz events:  the Sundance film festival (which takes place during the last 10 days of January).

4. San Juan (Puerto Rico)

Since it is a Free Commonwealth of the United States, Puerto Rico is a popular Caribbean destination for the US visitors. The city of San Juan offers the extraordinary chance to go back in time and discover the colonial times’s architecture. Take a walk amid the narrow city’s street and visit the San Juan’s national historic site (UNESCO World heritage site) which includes the  forts of San Cristóbal, San Felipe del Morro, San Juan de la Cruz (El Cañuelo) and the city walls.

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3. Lanzarote (Spain)

It is hard to believe that this tiny isle in the Atlantic Ocean is the less popular among the Canary Islands. It offers a wide range of opportunities from hiking on an active volcano to bathing in the pure cristalline water of the ocean. Art lovers would be astonished by the private collection of the Lanzarote native artist Cesar Manrique. In the small towns of the island restaurants offer local delicacies and copas of La Geria the signature wine of Lanzarote.


2. Burano (Italy)

The small island of Burano is just a few miles from Venice, in the heart of the lagoon. It is a popular day tour if you happen to be in Venice. The visitors of Burano will be astonished by the colors of the houses and buildings along the canals. The church of Saint Martino features a masterpiece by Gian Battista Tiepolo, the menus of the island’s restaurants include the risotto de gò (a risotto served with the gò, a typical fish of the Venice lagoon). Once your lunch is over do not be scared, you have not drink that much…the bell tower that you see is actually leaning on the side…

1. Lima (Perù)

The capital of Perù is undergoing a huge process of urban renovation. The  convention centre built to host the IMF annual meeting in 2015 and the new university campus, which has recently been named the world’s best new building, are just two examples of the vibrant architectural frenzy of the city. The  mall of Larcomar, in the trendy district of Miraflores, offers plenty of shopping opportunities: from local handcrafted items to the most popular brands. Among the several museums in the city a not to be missed collection is the one in the Sala Museo Oro, which features a selection of the pre-colonial golden jewels and objects.






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